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 Superconductivity temperature technique

Black body radiation High brightness LED light bulb  

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ORRA Superconductivity temperature technique

【ORRA Superconductivity temperature technique】
is completely new superconductivity technology, posses characteristic below:

•High efficiency temperature conduction technology. The non-demand resistance is zero electricity
  superconductivity technology

•Conduction temperature 2926,000 ft/sec passes on.

•Unbelievable temperature conduction speed approximately above silver material 7,000 times.
  Superior thermal conductivity.

•This temperature ultra conduction's medium has the environment-protective, non-toxic、without
  pollution、non noise、no corrosiveness、no radioactivity and no burst inorganic martial,

•Material cost inexpensive, facile to produce

Advantages of ORRA superconductivity temperature a tube include:

•Weight: the heft is lighter than same volume of Metal.

•Durable: no attrition’s problem.

•Facile to Operate: temperature difference only, that can do it self.

•Do not cost energy: high efficiency and quiet.

•Do not need lean on gravity, can be arrangement in space beyond the atmosphere.

•Use ORRA superconductivity temperature a tube and same volume of Metal’s two extremities to
  place in the same temperature, it’s heat conduction can reach the Metal more than hounded.

The ORRA superconductivity patented technology material, may depend on the use the temperature to select, has the following four kind of temperature range below:

• 1. -50℃ ~ 200℃
• 2. 200℃ ~ 500℃
• 3. 500℃ ~ 1200℃
• 4. 1200℃ ~ 3000℃

Item Material Temperature conduction coefficient(w/m.℃)
1 Air 0.02672
2 Water 0.613
3 Stainless Steel 16.514
4 Aluminum 218.5
5 Copper 401.6
6 Silver 418.7
7 ORRA Superconductivity temperature material 2,926,000.up


Black body radiation

Ready product

ORRA  Black body radiation

  ■70T X 90 X 90 mm / 45℃~80℃
▲Big and ponderous
▲Need fan to assist transpire
Fan behave need the electric force
  ■5T X 35 X 35 mm / 42~45℃
▲Small and portable
▲Use compound material transpire
Do not need the electric force

Ambit extensively by application

◆Electric products
◆Warless correspond equipment
◆Refrigeration/aviation/ military equipments
◆Correspond electric equipments
◆High-class audio-visual apparatus and perimeter merchandise
Figure 1:
Generally basic radiation principle: directly above the heat source with copper, and aluminum fins, by copper and aluminum fins of the heat-absorbing capacity to enhance the source of heat. However, the greater heat source, and the greater required cooling material, finally must be added the fan to aid cooling, the problems arising from the follow-up, in addition to the increase in fan power consumption, it is also caused by the fan noise, and fan motor life time problems, limited the product's stability and life time, and joined the large cooling, the product of the volume is also bigger and bigger, does not conform to the product design extremely thin and short that big principle completely .

Figure 2:
When cooling material with ORRA BLA SILICA coating composition, it can quickly absorb the heat evenly, and average the temperature.

Figure 3:
After figure 2 the temperature processing, the coating material within the micro-elements begin to heat to do a series of conversion, to enhance heat transfer, absorption through the layers of conversion, use of the external air cooling at final , the heat dissipation dramatically. Special emphasis is: without cooling fan, can achieve cooling effect of the improvement.



Fireproofing materials

The fire fearful is mainly the result which in the fire process the material combustion produces coerces the personnel life obviously, regardless to the fire hot region in and goods and the personnel the adjacency region, causes the grave damage and the personnel dies.
Therefore for the guard fire's occurrence, ORRA Corporation namely begins to research the fireproof material to separate the flammable material quality, avoids creating expansion of the fire intensity.

˙Advantage and efficacy of ORRA fireproofing paint materials.
1.Burning can not produce fatal poisons, and low mist.

2.Enable blaze spread velocity, may control in small range, not to spread, completely the fireworks,
  after the source puts aside the instantaneous extinguishment.

3.After construction, its paint film non-the irresistible factor creates to falls off(E.g. Efflorescence、
  avoid striking with external forces、strong acid and base or corrosiveness) continues effectively
  the fire protection.

4.Facile to construction, same as traditional paint do not need particular appliance, direct to spray
   and smear.

˙ORRA stop heat glue
Has the high heat degree diffuse and the high heat absorb quality, may protect the high temperature not heat-resisting product, the ointment stop heat glue easy to use, Scribble to wanting to enable the temperature to reach and break hot result when being spread and clicked, when high temperature work place and service maintenance may also display its effect, is suitable in the high tech electron industry and other fields.

Disconnect from temperature of paint

Product purpose

1.Use ORRA stop heat glue can protect not hear-resistant high temperature

2.High temperature and maintain service can develop

3.It is suitable for use high technology electric industries and other industries.

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