Natural energy source

●Secondary energy

Heat Sink temperature
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●System devise
Transpire heat electric technology
•Generate electric power chip to use semiconductor material p-doped and n-doped integrate together, one side render heat, and other side render cold; it can produce eclectic automation.
•The temperature differences cold and hot are bigger, generate electric power is bigger.
●Relate product


●Geothermal heat electricity generation

The Earth is a blazing star originally, although its semblance covers light cold shell , but internal temperature unusual high, extrapolated generally the Earth core the temperature possibly reaches as high as 6,000℃, outside the nucleus approximately 4,500℃- 6,000℃, the outside areas contain approximately 500℃-4,500℃, but most outer layer's earth's crust average each kilometer also has 30℃ geothermal gradient. “The geothermal” is makes a general reference the huge heat energy which this kind of earth interior contains.

But the earth's crust rock layer's heat conductivity varies, the internal heat energy is not easy to pass to the surface, only flows out equally by 1.5 Heat flow units to the surface.

Place which bursts in the earth's crust, is also the plate tectonics edge, because the crustal plate collides or the crack rises, creates the volcanic activity, so that the regional ground temperature elevates, the massive heat energies pass to the superficial part, may develop the use for us, is so-called “the geothermal energy source”. Earth interiors geothermal passes on way of these areas to the surface, its quantity of heat huge incomparable, the reserves are rich, is one kind of depth development potential heat energy resources.

ORRA Geothermal Heat Generation Electricity Imitate

ORRA geothermal factory electricity generation pattern >>>
 using the superconductivity warm tube; >>>
highly effective electricity generation chip electricity generation.


●Solar heat electricity generation

Solar heat power plant oneself after in places such as Japan and US completes to use, its structure by tens thousands of reflectors, gathers the sunlight at a spot, has several thousand degrees high temperatures, and turns with this high temperature the water vapor, rises again the vapor leads generator's leaf blade revolving, has the massive electric powers, supplies for the user community. Nearby the US L.A. Disney Land, had a very large-scale solar heat energy power plant, believe the near future, the solar heat energy electricity generation widely will be applied surely.
●Air energy engine

The air energy engine is one kind of affiliation temperature difference revolution external combustion engine, besides may use each fuel, may also use including geothermal, solar energy, sea water temperature difference, trash, factory waste heat, natural gas, nuclear power and so on. In addition, when revolution and does not have the detonation or the high-velocity current, therefore is peaceful; the structure is simple; heat energy transforms the kinetic energy the efficiency to be quite high. Because of these characteristics, happen to may realize makes good use of the future energy use state which all around all multi-dimensional energy, as far as possible avoid wasting, its importance does not explain.

Take the solar energy as the example, people thought that the solar energy general associate with something in thinking solar cell board, but does take the solar energy as the heat source, union air energy engine, transforms the solar energy the available energy efficiency to be higher, the power rate is bigger. Along with the materials science and each kind of processing craft's development ten thousand li a day, the scientist is improving and makes the more practical air energy engine unceasingly.

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